Samsung improves: Big Galaxy problem should finally be fixed

The real fault is not even with Samsung, but with the Android operating system. In contrast to the Apple competition, there are hundreds of new Android devices every year, all of which appear with different camera configurations. To unify them a bit, there are several API interfaces that programmers can use. These should make it easier to access the camera. But there is no consensus here either, especially since the individual APIs do not cover all the functions of high-end cameras.

For example, with the “Camera” API, Google provides an interface that only offers limited features. It was mainly used on older devices. “Camera2” builds on this, but does not offer any HDR functions, which several smartphone manufacturers have now implemented in their devices. In the future there will be the “CameraX” API, which will offer this function and other conveniences. However, the API is still under development.

It is unclear whether the functionality will remain limited to the Galaxy Z Fold 3. It is conceivable that other Galaxy smartphones from the manufacturer, such as the flagships of the S22 series, will also benefit from this in the future.

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