Have you recently tapped a Samsung smartphone, but are you bothered by the keyboard of the smartphone? Good news: you can customize that keyboard! But how exactly do you do that?

In this article I explain it to you in detail. I will tell you how to download a new keyboard and how to install it. Before you know it, your new Samsung Galaxy smartphone is equipped with a brand new keyboard.

Samsung Galaxy keyboard

The keyboard of the Samsung Galaxy smartphones is not everything. Let me put it this way: as soon as I have a Galaxy smartphone in my hands, I immediately adjust the keyboard. That has to do with the way the keyboard responds and the predictions it makes.

There is nothing wrong with that. Samsung makes excellent smartphones and is not known for the keyboards. But it may be that you are looking for an alternative. Because if we often do something on a phone, it is typing words and sentences. That is why I love to help you with such an alternative.

Samsung Galaxy keyboard: this is how you change it

Setting up a new keyboard is anything but difficult. Especially on the Samsung Galaxy smartphones. You just need to know where to look.

There are two steps to take:

# 1 Find a new keyboard

Before you throw out the old, it is of course useful to have the new in advance. So you have to look for a new keyboard for your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. But how exactly did you get that?

Hundreds of keyboards can be found in the Google Play Store, which comes standard on the phone. If you simply type the word keys, you will undoubtedly be presented with a load. The offer is huge, but here too not all keyboards offer a fantastic experience. That’s why we recommend giving Google’s Gboard or Microsoft’s SwiftKey a try.

Both keyboards offer an excellent user experience and a large load of functionalities. Download the app and you can get started!

# 2 Install the new keyboard

When you have Gboard or SwiftKey on your Samsung Galaxy, it’s time to set up the keyboard. You do this by following the next steps:

  • Go to the Settings, look for General management and select the optionSamsung GalaxyStep 1
  • Choose Language and input
Samsung Galaxy
Step 2 (Screenshot: Mark Hofman / WANT)
  • Choose On-screen keyboard
Samsung Galaxy
Step 3 (Screenshot: Mark Hofman / WANT)
  • Press Standard keyboard
Samsung Galaxy
Step 4 (Screenshot: Mark Hofman / WANT)
Samsung Galaxy
Step 5 (Screenshot: Mark Hofman / WANT)

From this moment on you use your new keyboard.

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