The Italian Interior Minister affirms in a letter published in 'La Repubblica' that he only does because he is being asked by the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has announced that he will allow, against his will, that the nearly 30 minors aboard the 'Open Arms' landed, according to a letter published in the newspaper' The Republic '. A la carte, Salvini claims that he does so because he has "sued" Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

The NGO Open Arms has warned this Saturday that the situation on the boat is "unsustainable" after 17 days without finding a port with 134 migrants to brod. The Italian prime minister had urged the evacuation of minors in the last hours and had confirmed that at least six European Union countries (France, Germany, Luxembourg, Portugal, Romania and Spain) agreed to accept migrants from the Open Arms' if they are landed.

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