Salvadoran opens pupusería in Kentucky town and becomes a culinary sensation

Hernandez family. Courtesy The Owensboro Times.

The Owensboro Latin American community, in Kentucky, USA, has received with great curiosity and enthusiasm the undertaking of a Salvadoran woman who decided to open a pupusería that is now the meeting point for dozens of nationalities that make up this community.

With the help of her family, Jennifer Hernández opened El Buen Pastor pupusería, whose menu includes different dishes from Central American cuisine, and of course pupusas.

Hernández told The Owensboro Times that pupusas are for the Salvadoran community a dish that comforts and transports them to their homeland thousands of miles away.

“In my country, on the weekends, everyone is looking for tamales, pupusas and soup,” Hernández said. “Here we have something for everyone.”

Members of the Hernandez family say they are delighted to call Owensboro home and are grateful for the continued support.

“We have different types of people that come here, and we like that,” Hernandez said. “We have served various locals and people from Asia, Mexico and everywhere. This community has been great to us.”

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