Salvador Pineda fractured his hip but the 70-year-old actor is alone and without medical attention

Mexico.- The actor Salvador Pinedafamous for playing various villains in Mexican soap operas, suffered a fall that caused a hip fracture, however, because he has no financial resources, he has not received the necessary medical care.

According to journalist Gil Barrera, director of TVyNovelas magazine, the 70-year-old actor was operated on in a private hospital after falling, but not having the money to pay the bill, he had to go home and now they ask for help. to be admitted to the hospital that cares for members of the National Association of Actors (ANDA).

They report that actor Salvador Pineda is going through an ordeal. He broke his hip, they operated on him in a private hospital, because of his precarious condition he was abandoned and now he is facing rehabilitation alone. They ask for support so that he can enter the Anda hospital,” Gil wrote on Twitter.

Although no details were released about how the accident that caused the hip fracture happened or when this happened, several personalities shared the news on social networks in an effort to get the Michoacan actor help.

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Just last Thursday, June 16, the actor known for his villains in soap operas such as “Corazón Salvaje”, “Triunfo del amor” and “La Mentira”, turned 70, but he has been away from the screen for several years, since his last participation with a brief role in the Netflix series “La Casa de las Flores”.

‘Karma exists’ they remind Salvador Pineda

After the news that Salvador Pineda is alone and without money to treat himself, after having fractured his hip, users on social networks recalled when the actor did not want to support his son.

“What a bad wave 🙁 no one wishes evil, but I remember seeing a note asking for help for his unrecognized disabled son and the actor flatly refused to help him, you have to fear karma,” wrote a user in Twitter.

Poor!! They say that this is how his son lives, whom he abandoned and does not help”, “It is called KARMA!!!”, were some messages on the social network.

However, there were other netizens who criticized this position and some even offered to help him.

“Classic of those who see the spike in someone else’s eye and not the beam in theirs, let him deliver his accounts for his children and if you are going to help, do it without looking at the mistakes, and if not, better not say anything, that I don’t think their lives are perfect,” read another tweet.

“From the heart, if you need to be accompanied to therapy, I support it, I do not do it for publicity or to get well-being, I do it from the heart since I took my mother, rest in peace, to therapy and it helped me in my soul and heart, let’s put a grain of sand, “wrote another user.

The actor played various villains in soap operas. Photo: Twitter

He had revealed that he lived alone and had no money

In 2020, Salvador Pineda was interviewed by Gustavo Adolfo Infante for his program “The minute that changed my destiny”, and there he confessed that he lived alone because he was a kind of hermit, and that he had no relationship with his children.

“Fortunately, I live alone, I have my girlfriends, but living in their house, they will visit me from time to time, like conjugal visits to prison, but no, I am more of a hermit, I like solitude more,” he said, and He also added that he had not seen his children for a long time “now they are their mother’s children,” he said.

In that same interview, he said that his economy was not doing well, because after the pandemic he had lost his job.

“Very bad, like everyone else… living off my savings, there is no work, there are no movies, there are no theaters, there is no television, we are desperate.”

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