Saltoki advances in the construction of its new center in Zaragoza

Saltoki advances in the construction of its new center in Zaragoza

Grupo Saltoki advances in the construction of its new facilities in the Empresarium industrial estate, in Zaragoza, in which it will invest a total of 175 million euros and which will mean the generation of 500 jobs during the construction phase.

the new center will be launched in the first half of 2024 on 164,000 square meters of plot area. The facilities will have 151 truck loading and unloading docks and will have a capacity for 100,000 pallets and 75,000 references in permanent stock.

this center will require 300 jobs in the initial phase, reaching 500 jobsin about five years. Added to this generation of jobs are those created locally with the construction of these facilities.

Once the construction works are finished, Grupo Saltoki will channel its platform into these facilities, in which will regulate all the stock of the company. This will make it possible to double its current logistics capacity, in addition to continuing to advance in its digital transformation and process improvement strategy. The goal is for 90% of orders to be prepared in the new center in a fully automated manner.

The general director of Saltoki Aragón, Javier Madorrán has celebrated that the activity that will be carried out in the Zaragoza platform will allow the Saltoki Group to “improve” because it will be possible to “offer differential services to customers, redefine the distribution map, shortening the material supply times.The forecast is that, when the center is fully operational, the products are served within a maximum period of twelve hours from the completion of the order”, in statements collected by Europa Press

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In addition, from a technological point of view, the AutoStore, a robotic system of stacked boxes that facilitates quick and error-free access to smaller products for preparation and shipment. The main advantage is that storage capacity is quadrupled and productivity increases. The one in Zaragoza will be the largest AutoStore, with 120,000 boxes with 45,000 references. Likewise, a system with the capacity to receive, store and dispatch up to 35,000 pallets automatically will be set up; It will be equipped with more than a hundred AMR automated vehicles and mobile robots.

The construction works of the plant have been visited by the mayor of Zaragoza, Jorge Azcón, who has expressed his satisfaction with the fact that the city “is going to house the largest logistics center in southern Europe in the field of professional distribution of supplies”.

Azcón has also valued the use of renewable energy in this new building, since “the new Saltoki plant will be supplied with renewable energyYou will even be able to produce more energy than you consume, so you can share it with other nearby companies by creating an energy community.”

business attraction

Since 2019, the Government of Zaragoza has facilitated private investment in the city worth almost 900 million of euros. Saltoki is joined by the investment of Becton Dickinson, Grupo Quirón, Xior with the new Pontoneros residence, the extensions of Mercazaragoza and the Zaragoza Maritime Terminal or the construction of a refinery in the CTRUZ.

These investments, in the medium term, will make it possible to create more than 2,700 direct jobs in Zaragoza for the next few years. “Our main objective is for Zaragoza to strengthen its business fabric, as it is already doing. Our red carpet has gone through the streamlining of procedures, the elimination of administrative obstacles or the promotion of a pioneer Fiscal Investment Attraction Plan in Spain that offers tax discounts such as IBI, ICIO or IAE”, added Azcón.

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The Minister of Public Services and Mobility, Natalia Chueca, has also been on the visit, they have learned the details of a project whose start-up is scheduled for the first half of 2024.


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