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Since many consumers who live near the border also shop there, we ask that you pay attention to this message

As part of controls, salmonella was detected in the tiger nut flour “back to roots”. Since a health hazard cannot be ruled out, the Swiss Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office FSVO recommends that consumers not consume the product. Pure Natural Food SA immediately ordered a recall.

Affected article

Product, brand: Erdmandelmehl, “Back to roots”
Packaging: 360 g
Best before date: 08/30/2021

Sold at:
Hima la Vie, Romanel-sur-Lausanne
Various pharmacies

The FSVO recommends not to consume the affected product and to dispose of it.

Customer information>

Product image / source: Swiss Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office FSVO, Food Safety and Veterinary Office Etat de Friborg – State of Friborg

Info box salmonella

We strongly advise against consuming the products from the specified product batches. If the symptoms below appear after consumption, consult your family doctor immediately

The consumption of food contaminated with Salmonella bacteria can cause malaise, diarrhea, possibly vomiting, and fever. In this case, consumers would have to consult a doctor and immediately point out any suspicion of Salmonella. The incubation period after consumption is usually 48 hours, rarely up to 3 days. These symptoms can be more pronounced in young children, immunocompromised and the elderly.

People who show symptoms after consumption should urgently consult a doctor.

Consumer information
In our opinion, manufacturers, dealers or sellers of the affected product (s) provide end customers with comprehensive and unconditional information on various levels of information. This ensures that as many end users as possible also receive this information

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