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Salma Hayek also often recalls the past with photos on her Instagram account. Photo: Getty Images

A photo of Salma Hayek at the age of 29 has aroused admiration among the fans of the actress for the size she looks in what, apparently, is the image who presented for sus castings. For the star of the movie “Frida” it was not easy to take off in Hollywood; As she herself has told, she came to deal with rejection just for being Mexican.

The Salma Hayek’s first casting at 20 years old!

They also filter a photo of Salma at the age of 29: this is what she looked like

On the internet it attracted attention a photo of Salma Hayek at the age of 29. It is said that the interpreter, who confessed why she cried when she saw her dark face in the movie “Eternals”, used this image to appear at castings.

“Beautifull! This was the casting photo Salma Hayek used in 1995.”.

Wrote a user on Twitter

In the photograph, Salma Hayek wears a simple look and her long black hair stands out.

Salma Hayek also shares photos of the memory: the before and after of the Mexican actress

How about Salma Hayek giving herself a space to enjoy some delicious tacos? that’s right cas the wife of businessman François-Henri Pinault She showed off this photo with which she shared that this Mexican snack is the passion that never leaves her, and she also longed for:

“I wish I could still eat 10 without paying the consequences”.

  • Salma Hayek on her hit telenovela, “Teresa”:

  • Salma Hayek was the protagonist of the film “The Alley of Miracles”from the Mexican director Jorge Fons:

The actress also showed off on Instagram photos of the first house that could be bought with her salary as an actress:

A photo with her great friend, Penélope Cruz:

Salma Hayek at the premiere of “Wild Wild West”, the actress recalled that this image was before your pregnancy and was still able to wear a corset:

Salma in 1999:

Salma Hayek wearing a necklace from her grandmother:

Salma Hayek’s maternity

As she herself has expressed, motherhood changed her life. In a message, she wrote to her daughter Valentina, “thank you for coming into this world to make my biggest dream come true, to be your mom.”

It is worth mentioning that the 2021 was a special year for Salma, because he unveiled his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and, celebrating his triumph, he recalled that he faced racism in the United States. Over the years, the Veracruz has become an inspiration for several celebrities, once Kim Kardashian revealed that she was a reference to accept her figure.

Your sexiest photos

At 55 years old, Salma Hayek has made an impact with the daring photos she shares and also lets her fans know that she continues to overcome challenges to continue looking beautiful, such as the time she confessed that had to lose weight to “get into a bikini”.

This is what Salma Hayek looks like today…



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