Salma Hayek confesses what it was like to be directed by Angelina Jolie

It was during the filming of the famous Marvel movie, ‘Eternals’, where an incomparable chemistry emerged between Salma Hayek and Angelina Jolie. After their collaboration on the film, a beautiful friendship arose that led to a joint project for ‘Without Blood‘ and that he is already finishing his recordings.

The Veracruz, during an interview offered on the occasion of the premiere of her first series as director, the celebrity told the media what it was like to work under the direction of Jolie. During the talk, she sincerely confessed her feelings regarding the film, explaining that it was more complex than she expected.

“The experience has been sensational, it is a very difficult film and Demian, who was practically born in the theater, who has done very complicated things, has told me that perhaps this has been the most difficult thing he has done in his career and I think that too for me it has been the same”, were his words.

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Regarding your director Salma Hayek He said that it was a complete pleasure to be under his wing, an essential detail for the making of ‘Without Blood’ to become a pleasant moment, like a challenging adventure for his career. “However, Angelina has been a genius as a director and has approached it with great respect, with great affection and with such kindness,” she told the newspaper.

It was nice to get up every day to work on this wonderful project”

Salma Hayek confesses what it was like to be directed by Angelina Jolie. Source: Instagram

What is ‘Without Blood’ about?

This is the big screen adaptation of the successful Italian novel of the same name, ‘Without Blood’, by the author Alessandro Baricco. The story tells us about a deadly crime that led to the end of a man and his entire family, with the exception of his 4-year-old daughter, who managed to survive. Who, after passing the years, grows up and seeks revenge.

According to Variety magazine, the plot is set after a conflict on a farm, deep in the Italian countryside. Themes such as revenge, memory and healing are involved. Spectators will be enveloped in the mysticism of the Mediterranean streets.

No doubt the fans of Salma Hayek and of Angelina Jolie They are looking forward to learning more about the film and appreciating the end results of bringing the two movie stars’ unrivaled talent together in one film. In addition to paving the way for a new generation of directors.

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