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Digital has mobilized to find the best smartphone deals for you during these summer 2022 sales. Thanks to our rigorous and meticulous tests, we can offer you a selection of real good deals.

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The summer sales start on Wednesday June 22, 2022.

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Let’s go for the good deals of the 2022 summer sales, from Wednesday June 22 to Tuesday July 19. And mobility is no exception. This is an opportunity to find a smartphone at an attractive price. That said, be careful not to get the wrong models and beware of false bargains! How to separate the wheat from the chaff among the many “promos” available? Digital has gone through the various offers on merchant sites for you to reveal the best and REAL good deals of the moment. Do not hesitate to come back to this page which we will update regularly.

BETWEEN 200 AND 300 €
OVER 1000 €


The Realme 8 wins its bet and establishes itself as a good affordable smartphone. It benefits in particular from an excellent autonomy and a fast charge which make it an excellent ally to face two days far from a power outlet.

BETWEEN 200 AND 300 €

Like many other smartphones of 2022, the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G has seen its price increase, but this inflation is really felt on the technical sheet.

If you don’t need a 5G smartphone, but this Galaxy A52 caught your eye, then its 4G version will satisfy you. However, it will be necessary to make a small concession on the screen refresh which goes to 90 Hz.

The Poco M4 Pro is an affordable and pleasant smartphone to use. It has a good LCD screen – once calibrated – and a very comfortable battery life. Its chip allows it to enjoy a fluid experience in multitasking, but it quickly shows its limits in video games.

OVER 1000 €

Oppo’s Find X5 Pro is a very convincing successor to an already particularly successful Find X3 Pro. This smartphone does not show off when it comes to photography, not playing the card of the number of megapixels, rather that of software processing.

A worthy successor to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the iPhone 13 Pro Max improves on everything that made it strong. It gains a panel with adaptive 120 Hz refresh, a very large battery, as well as ever more capable photo modules.

Success announced thanks to its impressive screen, its integrated stylus and multiple photo sensors, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra hangs our fifth star thanks to its very good score of durability, carried by its promise of software updates for four years. .


With its Watch Fit, Huawei offers an attractive and successful watch. Its panel is convincing and its autonomy excellent.

Let’s put it simply and bluntly: the Garmin Venu is an excellent connected sports watch.

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