Unlike previous years, Memur-Sen and Türkiye Kamu-Sen, which decided to act together this year, jointly determined their demands before the negotiations.

Confederations will submit their 10-item joint demands to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security on July 26.


1. Apart from the increase in wages, public servants should be given a share of welfare.

2. Public officials should be given a raise of 10 percent of the lowest civil servant salary, and the lowest civil servant salary should be increased.

3. The primary employment in the public sector should be permanent and contracted personnel should be recruited.

4. The ‘auxiliary services class’ should be abolished and the personnel should be included in the ‘general administrative services class’.

5. The promised 3600 additional indicators must be fulfilled without distinction of class and title.

6. Family allowance should be increased and paid to retirees as well.

7. Religious holiday bonuses should also be given to civil servants.

8. Additional payment rates should be increased.

9. The degree-level limitation should be removed.

10. The right to strike and politics should be given.