Salah: Klopp pisses me off sometimes.. and I felt like we won the league

The Egyptian international, Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool star, confirmed that Jurgen Klopp, the team coach, sometimes angers him, revealing his great disappointment in the last round of the English Premier League after losing the title.

In an interview with BT Sport, Mohamed Salah said: “Juergen Klopp is a great coach for all of us, we have a wonderful relationship with him. I think he played a big role for the club in winning titles for sure.”

Salah joked: “I think he makes everyone happy, but he makes me angry sometimes and he knows that, because he tells me that it’s not normal to play every minute in the league.”

“But I always say, ‘Look, if I can recover well and do everything well, why not, but I get it at the end of the day, but I think it makes all the players happy.'”

Salah also talked about the last round of the Premier League, which saw Liverpool lose the title against Manchester City, after the Reds defeated Wolverhampton 3-1, but that was not enough to overcome City, who turned 2-0 down to defeat Aston Villa 3-2 days last Sunday.

Speaking about the moment he scored a goal to put Liverpool ahead 2-1 against Wolverhampton, Salah revealed that he asked the Anfield fans to know the result of the Manchester City-Aston Villa match, revealing his initial feelings after scoring the goal.

Salah said: “I was as frustrated as everyone in the dressing room.” You can see in the photo that my friend sent me when I celebrated after scoring, the way I celebrated was crazy, and when I got to the stands I immediately asked the fans about the result of the match (Man City vs Aston Villa) and they told me 3-2, I was very disappointed.”

He added: “I asked the fans because while I was on the bench I asked the players behind the bench about the result and they said Aston Villa was 2-0 up, so the team was going to win, I thought maybe City could score a goal or two, so it was the result ( At least 2-2) and with the goal I scored, we’ll win the league.”

He continued: “In my mind I was celebrating because we won the league until that moment, so we were all celebrating and everyone came to me and I was asking the fans (what is the result? And they said 3-2 to Man City) and I was disappointed, and after the match everyone in the dressing room was very disappointed. I was really disappointed, but this is football and you have to accept it.”

The 29-year-old concluded his statements in response to a question about the best player in the world, saying: “If I do not choose myself, I can choose Karim Benzema and Kylian Mbappe.”



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