Saints Row bets on the show in a new video of its shootings and chases

Volition brings us action moments and vehicle crashes from its reboot, which will arrive in February.

Saints Row is showing itself. The reboot that Volition is doing to the saga is a return to the origins, although with a much more powerful face. Although there are still a few months left until his arrival in February, a few days ago we could see him in motion in a video of the city of Santo Ileso, part of an open world that will become very important in history.

But Game Informer still has access to more gameplay of the title, and this time he has shared a longer video, focused on the playable experience. Specifically, we see several car journeys where we deal with our pursuers at sheer blow and even shots from the top of the vehicle, but there is also time to see how the shootings work on foot.

In addition to cars, we also see a buggy and a motorcycle, more convincing options when it comes to crossing the wildest parts of the map, which looks colorful and vast. The footage, of course, is part of a pre-alpha version of the game, which is currently in development, so we will have to wait to judge how it looks in its final version.

Saints Row the day will come February 25 to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. In Volition they already warned us to be attentive to their way of dealing with shootings and chases, but now we have been able to verify it. The restart was initially criticized, but from the study they assure that they made this decision after realizing that the saga had become too crazy, requiring a return to the origins to try to recover the purest essence of the first installments.

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