On July 16, relatives and friends said goodbye to director Alexander Stefanovich, who died from the effects of the coronavirus. The famous screenwriter and image maker, also known as the ex-husband of Alla Pugacheva, passed away at the age of 76.

Throughout the mourning ceremony, many present expected that the Prima Donna would appear in the hall from minute to minute, but the ex-wife did not come to see Stefanovich on her last journey.

But his friend Nikas Safronov, who helped Alexander Borisovich many times in difficult times, could not miss the director’s funeral. At the ceremony, the artist told reporters that Stefanovich had neither a wife nor children to take care of him.

Therefore, having become ill with coronavirus, the star clip maker was first treated at home, and Safronov provided him with everything he needed.

“I spent 2.5 million rubles on a friend’s home treatment. Swiss anti-covid pills, French vitamins, imported oxygen breathing apparatus and food from restaurants only. All this was delivered to the door of his house, ”Safronov said.

However, the artist’s efforts did not help: Stefanovich was getting worse, and at some point he himself wished to go to the clinic. Safronov wanted to assign a friend to Kommunarka, but the director went to the Bakhrushin hospital.

“The drugs we obtained helped our other friends, but this time, alas, Sasha did not get better. Unable to withstand the loneliness, he called me to still put him in the hospital, “- quotes” KP “Safronov.

There, Stefanovich was diagnosed with extensive lung damage and was immediately admitted to intensive care. On July 13, the ex-husband of Pugacheva died.

Earlier, the reason for the divorce of Alla Pugacheva from Alexander Stefanovich became known.