Safety footwear: protect the foot in any environment

Safety footwear: protect the foot in any environment


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The feet are a delicate part of our body, which is why they must be properly protected in many work environments. Preventing some type of accident or injury are the raison d’être of safety footwear. The mission of safety footwear is to protect the feet of workers against possible accidents that could cause an injury, but they should not for this reason give up comfort. The footwear must remain in good condition so that it continues to carry out its protection work during its useful life. Generally, this type of footwear has a reinforced toecap, as well as non-slip soles that prevent falls. They are capable of facing any type of scenario, managing to protect the worker from all of them.

Health Types of safety footwear

Depending on the work environment, we have at our disposal different types of safety footwear. Mainly, they are these:

  • General safety footwear: They protect the foot, but they do not have special requirements, since they are used in work environments where there are not too many risks.
  • Sanitary footwear: We have been able to verify the importance of the health sector in our lives. For them, footwear must have a non-slip sole, as well as an economic insole with antibacterial capacity. In store You can find a large number of models of sanitary footwear for these professionals.
  • Footwear against electrical risk: personnel working in power stations or power plants that produce electricity must have footwear with antistatic soles, in order to avoid accidents caused by electrocution.
  • Footwear for factories, construction sector or cargo handling: This shoe is characterized by having a fully armored toecap, as well as a reinforced sole to prevent perforation by protrusions. They offer a high level of protection, since it is a type of sector subject to a lot of risk by accident. The sole must also have enough grip to prevent falls and slips, which in the case of works can occur at different levels and be fatal.
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Health What you should know about safety footwear

Obviously, its mission is to protect the foot at all times, as well as to avoid any accident. But there is much more that we can know, especially what I can do for us or complete, quality safety footwear that provides adequate protection. This footwear is capable of adapting to all the demands of the work environment, regardless of whether it is an office, a hospital or an outdoor construction site. Each shoe has its own characteristics that make it suitable for its environment. Footwear has the mission to be comfortable, This is essential, since working hours are usually long. A balance must be found between safety and comfort, something that only quality footwear guarantees.

The The quality that should be demanded of footwear with these characteristics is non-negotiable. For this, the factories strive to produce footwear with very high characteristics, following strict controls that guarantee the protection of the worker’s foot at all times. This strict, quality control and high-level manufacturing process is carried out for any type of safety footwear, from those used in office environments to the most demanding, such as footwear intended for a construction site or a hospital environment, where any mistake can be quite serious.

It is highly recommended that the worker permanently review the state of your safety footwear, and that when it detects any inconvenience, it informs the person responsible for occupational risk protection. Immediately, the footwear must be replaced so that the protection of the foot continues to be guaranteed. Logically, this type of footwear should only be used in work environments, its use outside of it being completely discouraged.

Health Taking care of safety footwear

Safety footwear is an important piece of protective equipment for workers and it is essential to know how to care for them properly. It is convenient to use a mild, non-abrasive soap in warm water, and it has antibacterial properties, much better. Generally, safety footwear usually has aesthetic finishes, which better resist daily wear and tear and cleaning. One has to be very scrupulous when reviewing our footwear, because any type of tare or wear can cause them to lose their effectiveness. For example, if the soles are worn, we will be increasing the risk of slipping. We will review laces and hooks, if you have them, so that the grip on the foot and ankle is adequate.

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For the rest, safety footwear makes it possible to work optimally, preventing workers from being injured during load handling or fall to the ground due to slippery substances. An adequate revision allows it to continue offering the best guarantees despite the use and the passage of time.

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