Sad: glued to her seat after trying to open a door in mid-flight (video)

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A passenger apparently suffering from a panic attack was tied to her seat by cabin crew, after attempting to open the door on an airline flight American Airlines. She was hospitalized upon arrival.

The incident took place on July 6, 2021, during the flight 1774 of the American company between Dallas-Fort Worth and the airport of Charlotte-Douglas, a link normally provided by Airbus single-aisle – and which was several hours late. The Business Class passenger First started shouting ” I want to get off the plane About an hour after takeoff, then walked to the plane door, which she banged on according to local media. The Cabin Crew Members initially tried to “defuse” the situation, before resorting to flexible handcuffs and gaffing, immobilizing the passenger in a seat and gagging her.

The creator of a video released on Tik Tok, Arieana Mathena, said there was “ chaos “On board the flight, and that the flight attendants and flight attendants were trying” frantically To fix the problem. The pilot finally told the other passengers that the crew had “to face a delicate situation at the moment”.

Upon arrival in North Carolina, the passengers disembarked without further problem, before security and medical personnel boarded and took charge of the still restless passenger. She was hospitalized in a psychiatric ward.

In a statement released by Fox, American Airlines explained that the crew reported “ a potential safety issue, after a customer attempted to open the front boarding gate and physically assaulted, bitten and injured a flight attendant “. For ” the safety and security of other customers and our crew, the individual was held until the flight landed at CLT and could be taken care of by law enforcement and emergency personnel “. The woman is currently on the airline’s no-fly list pending investigation.

Sad: glued to her seat after trying to open a door in mid-flight (video) 2 Air Journal

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