Sabrina Salerno this time leaves everyone in stone

Sabrina Salerno is produced in yet another absolute masterpiece, the singer and showgirl in lingerie drives us crazy with a series of close-ups

Sabrina Salerno knows how to give a show like perhaps no other in the world. The singer and showgirl continues, year after year, to be an absolute icon of Italian charm and femininity all over the world and she loses nothing of what has always been her sensuality. She managing, incredibly, even to improve, as incredible as it seems.

Sabrina Salerno (Instagram photo)

Sabrina Salerno, the legend continues

From the 1980s onwards, Sabrina unleashed a riot of unique sensations in all of us. Energy, given by her bombastic performances on stage, infinite wonder for her provocative charm and strong impact. Over the years, she has confirmed herself as timeless and timeless and she still proves it to us today. In March she turned 54 springs, a number that would hardly seem to correspond to reality, observing her shots of her that she publishes on the web. Up Instagramtravel abundantly further the one million and 200 thousand followers, resulting one of the absolute darlings of the community. The comparison with younger beauties sometimes appears almost merciless, but for the latter. Like her, there really isn’t any. And the umpteenth and definitive demonstration, but in reality there would have been no need, comes with the last post shared on her social profile, up-to-date and full of deadly shots.

Sabrina Salerno, the dressing gown opens on the explosion of sensuality

Transparent lace underwear: Sabrina Salerno leaves everyone stunned this time
Sabrina Salerno (screen shot Instagram)

A poker of photos in transparent lace underwear, underneath a very provocative black dressing gown. The opening leaves no room for doubts and imagination, fans are quickly inflamed by such a vision, as always and as otherwise it could not be. Sabrina’s explosive curves always conquer, immediately, like her captivating gaze. A triumph of seductive and incomparable charm that receives its natural tribute, from the admirers, in terms of comments and likes. Images that go viral, like practically all those shared on the web by Sabrina, who is confirmed in splendid shape. With the arrival of summer just around the corner, we can be sure that she will be among the undisputed protagonists. A true queen, when she is there there is always something special in the air. And the admirers from all over the world, not only Italians, know this very well, constantly finding themselves on her bulletin board to pay homage to her with compliments and messages of adoration.



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