Sabrina Salerno testimonial of the 50-year-olds who get vaccinated, but hate no vax is triggered on social media

PREGANZIOL (TREVISO) – Vaccination obligation for those over fifty. “Totally agree”. AND Sabrina Salerno post an image from the former Maber, the vaccination hub of Villorba. Many but not all liked the photo of the show girl receiving the third dose of the vaccine. “Yes, many have insulted me, but getting vaccinated is a civic duty. I am a convinced pro-vax because I don’t see alternative solutions to get out of the pandemic ». There is not only the undeniable fact (even if incredible, given her amazing physical shape) that Sabrina Salerno is over fifty. There is an awareness that led the singer and dancer to adhere to the vaccination campaign with conviction. Despite the no-vax arrows that rained down on his social profiles.

Special reactions?
“But no, I’m fine. I have not experienced any disturbance. I’m a very big coward, so the idea of ​​injection weighs me down, but everything can be overcome ».

What do you respond to the no-vaxes who publicly insulted her?
“We are living in a delusional situation, there is too much hatred. But I must say that I also didn’t like the terrorist campaign. In any case, I believe it is a social duty. For me it is unthinkable not to have the vaccine. With the job that I do then … ».

How did the year start from this point of view?
“Bad. I had to leave on January 16 for Hungary, I was waiting for a very important TV event with the minister of sport and everything was canceled due to Covid ».

But there is not only this.
«No, in two years I have lost 300 dates. Contracts signed, jobs abroad, all suspended due to the pandemic. I often think back to when we were locked in the house during the hard lockdown. We all looked forward to the vaccine as a salvation. Right to do it because we have to try to get out of a situation that is really altering our lives. I’m worried”.

What does the fact of posting the photo from the Villorba hub on its channels mean?
«I have a lot of followers and I want my position to be clear. I also consider it a way of spreading common sense against dangerous positions ».

And the haters?
“What can I say … I’m sorry to read certain things but for me the vaccine should be made mandatory.”

Thorny issue, if we think that other artists, it is the case of her friend Mietta, have slipped on this topic.
«I take this opportunity to clarify, since Daniela (Mietta, ed) is one of my best friends. At Ballando she took a tampon every 48 hours, she was always very correct. She is not against the vaccine, but she had anaphylactic shock problems as a girl and suffers from panic attacks. Now she is covered (she had Covid) but as soon as she comes out of coverage she will get the vaccine too “.

She is a little angry with communication.
“In my opinion, too many things have been wrong about Covid. They have put terror on us, there is a bad communication, the dialectic is getting too tight. But it is also the sign of profound suffering. There is a large part of the community that is suffering from health problems and economic problems. I still see a suffering January. Then let’s hope things improve ».



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