Sabrina Ghio talks about the disease, how she discovered it and what awaits her

The former tronista of Men and women and former dancer of Friendi Sabrina Ghio he is not experiencing a peaceful time. In fact, last June she confided in her followers, through a long vent its Instagram, with which he had revealed that he had to undergo an operation.

In the following weeks Sabrina has then talked about his health, and revealed that he discovered that he had a cancer process underway.

During an interview with Magazine of Men and women the former tronista spoke with an open heart about his condition. Sabrina revealed that she is not yet ready to breathe a sigh of relief because at the end of August her doctor will have to evaluate whether to proceed with the elimination of the tumor by laser or whether to proceed with other methods.

He confessed that he decided to let off steam through social media because, following yet another negative comment and feeling the ground collapse under his feet, he needed to open up.

The former dancer revealed that since last year she had encountered several health problems that had led her to the decision to do some checks, checks that at first did not reveal any anomalies. So the Ghio he changed doctors and continued to make visits until the dreaded outcome arrived.

Sabrina despite everything she feels lucky because her boyfriend, Carlo Negri, remains beside her. And just about Carlo confessed that they both dream of sealing their love and becoming parents.

Dreams that unfortunately have to wait for the outcome of the doctors who will have to decide whether to submit Sabrina to a new transaction or whether to proceed otherwise. There Ghio she decided to move on with her life trying to be strong so as not to make her daughter worry Penelope.

Concluding the interview, he wanted to send a clear message about the importance of prevention and controls.

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