Sabine Keller-Busse appoints new Swiss regional bosses

UBS Switzerland boss Sabine Keller-Busse is making major changes in the individual regions. More than ten key positions will be filled.

In all five Swiss regions of UBS there are changes in leading positions, such as from one of Switzerland’s bosses Sabine Keller-Busse sent memorandum. This lies in front. In it, the manager writes that there will be changes at regional manager level in various segments, and in two regions also at regional director level.

“We were able to find an internal succession plan for all changes,” said Keller-Busse, who took over the position as Switzerland CEO this February.
According to the letter, the following changes will come into effect, the content of which was confirmed by UBS on Thursday, August 1, with the exception of the Eastern Switzerland region, where the changes will apply as of August 15, 2021.

Romandy region

Cyril Meury is taking a professional break. Takes over his duties as head of private customer business Gabriel Epiney. He has been with UBS for over 15 years and has led the private client business in the Valais region for the past four years.

Stephane Mathey changes to the management of the Institutional Clients (IC) Western Switzerland business, which is now from Yves fields to be led. In return, Felder will take over the management of corporate banking in the French-speaking region from Mathey. Patrick Bourloud will take on the role of Regional Director in French-speaking Switzerland, in addition to his current role as Head of Wealth Management in the region.

Region Wallis

Ivan Willisch In addition to corporate customer business, it also takes on private customer business in the region. He remains regional director in Valais.
Zurich region

Adrian Koppejan realigns itself and is relinquishing the management of the private customer business Christa Emminger. Over the past three and a half years, she has expanded business with private customers in the Aargau / Solothurn region. The successor there has not yet been determined.

Aargau / Solothurn region

Thomas Sommerhalder In addition to his functions as Regional Director and Regional Manager CIC, he will lead the wealth management business in the region of Martin Ammeterwho has managed the business ad interim in the past few weeks.

Eastern Switzerland region

Hanspeter Thür wants to take on a new role at UBS. Gian-Reto Staub will take over management of the region, but he will also remain in charge of wealth management. Takes over the management of the private customer business Bettina Gürtler.

How should Switzerland come to terms with the failed framework agreement with the EU?

  • A new proposal for a framework agreement with the EU is needed.

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