Ruud de Wild: ‘Yvonne Coldeweijer is a psychopath’

Yvonne Coldeweijer is not really the darling of well-known Netherlands. The gossip star has already had a fight with several celebrities. In the case of Samantha Steenwijk, who was accused by Yvonne of using diet pills, there was even a lawsuit. The latest person whose anger Yvonne has incurred – Ruud de Wild – expressed his opinion about the gossip queen yesterday during his show on NPO Radio 2.


‘Don’t interfere with each other’

Recently Yvonne came up with some news about Waylon and Simon Keizer, among others, who would both ride a crooked skate. Ruud does not understand that Yvonne and other juice channels are constantly digging into the private lives of celebrities. “It’s all so noisy. What does it matter to me who does it with whom?” asks the presenter. “They should know for themselves what people do, as long as they are not children, animals or entities that cannot defend themselves. Don’t meddle with each other, you know.”

At a certain point Ruud is completely done with it. “A Yvonne Coldeweijer, that’s just a psychopath!” he shouts. “Yeah no sorry, but it’s just a psychopath just yelling stuff like that. hearsay. “Yes, from my spy!” Yeah, how did that spy get it, creep? Isn’t it so?”

Olcay Gulsen

Yvonne has already bitten into a case involving Olcay Gulsen, Ruud de Wild’s girlfriend. She would have borrowed an amount of 100,000 euros from her ex-mother-in-law for her faltering company super trash to keep upright. Oral agreements would have been made for a refund, but Olcay Gulsen would not have adhered to that. Yvonne announced some time ago that Olcay would have to appear in court for this. That case will take place later today.



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