Ruud de Wild creates artwork for Linda Hakeboom: ‘Symbolic for both of us’ | Stars

Hakeboom is currently undergoing chemotherapy again for breast cancer and De Wild was treated for colon cancer earlier this year. A while ago she saw a work of art by De Wild with the words ‘I’m still standing’. “I sent him that I thought that was so beautifully symbolic for both of us at the time.”

β€œHe asked me ‘what are your favorite colours’ and said ‘give me a minute’. And then this lay on the mat. What a gift. Thank you, dear Ruud, for this special work. It will be given a beautiful spot, because you know: WE’RE STILL STANDING!”, says Hakeboom.

The TV maker also says that things have not been going well in recent weeks. Because of the new chemo she suffers from concentration problems. “It’s like I don’t have a filter. For example, if a lot of people are talking at the same time, everything comes in at the same speed and I no longer follow anything.”

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