Russian twist: a simple exercise that melts fat on the sides and “ears” on the hips

– Accumulated fat around the waist is sometimes called a “lifeline”. Although he, of course, does not save anyone. Visceral fat is very harmful to our health, says the expert.

Why do the belly and sides appear

The main reason for the formation of such a “lifeline” is obvious – you eat too much sugar, empty carbohydrates, glucose. Insulin rises, fat cannot be burned and, as a result, is deposited.

But there is a second reason – stress. A hormone called “cortisol” activates the production of glucose, over time it becomes too much in the body. This is how excess fat is formed.

And the third reason is lack of sleep. The body is stressed, cortisol is actively produced, and insulin is activated. If you sleep little, then eat more. And as a result, you get fat.

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