Russian raid on a school, Zelensky: “60 civilians killed”. The UN: “Horrified”

At midnight, in Ukraine people began to ask what the new day has in store. It is in fact May 9, the day in which Russia celebrates the vittoria on Nazi Germany in World War II. With a video message on Telegram, Ukrainian President Zelensky also wanted to remember the anniversary, but pointing the finger at today’s Russia.

Zelensky’s speech

In his message, the Ukrainian president underlined the concept of the victory over Nazism 77 years ago, then contextualizing the events of 1945 to the present day. “The free world – he declared – is set to win just like 77 years ago. We. we are part of the free world, Russia is destined to lose, evil always loses “.

“I am sure – continued Zelensky – that this day in Ukraine has shown that we are already a full-fledged part of the free world and of a united Europe. This is a clear contrast to Moscow’s loneliness in evil and hatred. that everyone will see on May 9th “. For weeks, analysts have anticipated some important announcements from Russia on the progress of operations in Ukraine for this date. As early as Friday, Zelensky indicated to citizens to take seriously any air warnings that will be issued in the hours of 9 May. The fear is that of a further escalation on the day when floats and missiles parade in Moscow.

The raid on the Bilohorivka school

Zelensky then confirmed the tragic toll of the bombing on Bilohorivka, in Lugansk oblast, where a school used as a refuge for civilians was hit. “There were at least 90 people in there – she declared – only a little less than thirty were safely extracted”. The UN secretary also spoke on the case Anthony Guterres.

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“They are shocked by the news of the bombing of a school in Bilohorivka, in eastern Ukraine – he said – which according to the authorities of that country would have caused the deaths of dozens of people who sought refuge from the fighting. This attack reminds us once again. that in this war, as in many other conflicts, civilians pay the greatest price. “

The raids of the night

Unfortunately there was no lack of alarms in the night just passed, as well as raids. Once again the Donbass was hit the hardest. Missile bombings have in fact been reported to Kramatorskas well as in the areas within the Donetsk Oblast.

Explosions also in areas of the region of Luganskwhere the Russians are now attested near the outskirts of Severodonetskan important strategic hub where the Ukrainians built defense posts already after the conflict with the pro-Russian separatists in 2014.

A little further north, a Kharkiv, other raids have affected the entire area where the Kiev army is engaged in the most important counter-offensive since the beginning of the war. Here, in fact, the action of Ukrainian troops has been leading to the withdrawal of the Russians from the outskirts of the country’s second city for days.

Fighting continues in Izyum, perhaps the most delicate front of the moment. The Russians control a large part of this area located between Kharkiv and the Donbass and are pressing to widen the security perimeter around the territories they occupy. Moscow’s goal here is to be able to advance towards as soon as possible Kramatorsk e Slovyansk.

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Once again the situation is uncertain a Mariupol. There will be no Russian parade in the city despite the fact that Moscow’s troops now occupy more than 90% of its territory. The unknowns have to do with what is happening in Azovstal, in the steel plant where the last Ukrainian fighters are entrenched. On Sunday afternoon there was talk of a new assault in the industrial area also thanks to the definitive evacuation of the civilians present. But there were no further updates to this effect overnight.

Delicate situation also a Odessa. In the last few hours the alarm sirens have been activated several times and explosions have been heard several times from both the periphery and the surrounding region. Raid also against nearby Mykolaiv, which for weeks has become a Ukrainian defensive outpost along the Black Sea coast.



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