Russian doctor: Do not consider “Omicron” a mild disease

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The Russian doctor, Natalia Pechenechnaya, said that the infection with “Omicron” should not be considered a non-risk and an easily transmitted disease, as the experience of other countries shows that the overall mortality rate because of it is high.

“Omicron should not be considered a mild disease. Calculating on a per capita basis, shows that there are higher overall mortality rates in the United States, Italy, Belgium and several countries in the Eastern Europe, because of the very high infection rate.”

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And the medical department stressed that the procedures to confront the spread of “Omicron” remain the same as when dealing with other strains of the Corona virus: limiting contacts between people, wearing the muzzle correctly, disinfecting hands and surfaces, ventilating buildings and vaccinating with an anti-virus vaccine.

And the doctor continued: “Unfortunately, the vaccination rate during the New Year holidays has decreased significantly. When one feels that his health has deteriorated even slightly, one must stay at home and consult a doctor. And then undergo a test for the possibility of infection with Covid, influenza, and other acute respiratory viral infections.” And the treatment prescribed by the doctor must be received in a timely manner, because this will avoid the harmful consequences of the disease.”

Source: RIA Novosti


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