Bad times for a Russian computer scientist accused of belonging to a group that recycles stolen money into cryptocurrencies in Italy. According to our cross-checks of information, the Russian citizen who is gifted in computers was embezzling money which “was then recycled through the purchase of cryptocurrencies»On behalf of a criminal group. The information was confirmed by Italian police in a statement. At the home of the arrested computer scientist in Genoa, the police got hold of a large batch of computer equipment and credit cards. The identity of the computer scientist was not revealed at this stage of the procedure.

According to generally well-informed sources, this woman stole money from her victims by cloning their bank cards. The money embezzled through this process was used to purchase advanced computer equipment or to acquire high-performance smartphones. All this equipment was resold online via specialized sites or sent to Russia to members of the network to which it belongs.

In its statement, the Italian police detailed the process used by the computer scientist who is described as a hacker. “In everyday life she was a quiet mother, but in reality, behind an apparent normality, hid a hacker: she was in fact a computer engineer with a passion for crime and cryptocurrencies.», Can we read in the police press release.

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