Russian Air Force shoots down three Ukrainian fighter jets – Ummat News

Russian Air Force shoots down three Ukrainian fighter jets – Ummat News

Wednesday May 3, 2023, 2:07 am

Russia (UMT News) Russian Air Force shot down 3 Ukrainian fighter jets in the last 24 hours.
Igor Konashenkov, the spokesman of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, has said that our air defense capabilities have destroyed three planes of the Ukrainian Air Force. Two Ukrainian MiG-29 fighter jets were shot down near the settlements of Ulyanfka in the Donetsk People’s Republic and Myrolifboka in the Kherson Region.
A Ukrainian Air Force Su-25 plane crashed near the village of Veltanskoye in the Kherson region. The spokesman also said that Russian forces had yesterday targeted dozens of military, weapons and equipment storage sites and ammunition depots in several regions of Ukraine. Depoko has been targeted and destroyed.
In the last 24 hours, Russian air defenses have intercepted eight rockets of the US-made Hummarus multi-launch rocket system and two Harm anti-radar missiles of the Ukrainian army.
Russia’s announcement came a day after Moscow said it had launched late-night missile strikes targeting military bases in Ukraine, such as ammunition factories and weapons depots.
The statement issued by the Russian Ministry of Defense said that the armed forces of Russia have launched missile attacks on the military-industrial facilities of Ukraine using long-range air and sea weapons.

It added that the “objectives of the attack were achieved…damage was done to factories producing ammunition, weapons and military equipment for the Ukrainian military.” However, Moscow did not provide any evidence to support its claim. Al Arabiya could not independently verify the Russian statement.

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Konashenkov further said that since the beginning of Moscow’s attack on Ukraine, the Russian Armed Forces have destroyed 416 Ukrainian fighter jets, 230 helicopters, 3919 unmanned aerial vehicles, 421 anti-aircraft missile systems, 8938 tanks and other armor. Armored combat vehicles, 1095 rocket launchers of various types, 4709 field artillery guns and mortars and 9911 special military vehicles have been destroyed.

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