Russia warns US over military support for Ukraine

Russia this week sent a formal complaint warning the US government of “unforeseeable consequences” of increased military aid to Ukraineaccording to media.

With a diplomatic note, Moscow warned the United States and the OTAN against sending “more sensitive” weapons to Ukrainejudging that said military equipment put “fuel on the fire” and could cause “unforeseeable consequences,” according to The Washington Post.

The warning was made at a time when the president of the United States, Joe Biden, promised new military aid to Ukraine worth $800 million, including helicopters and armored personnel carriers.

“What the Russians tell us privately is precisely what we tell the world publicly, that the massive aid we provide to our Ukrainian partners demonstrates its remarkable effectiveness,” a senior US official was quoted by the Post as saying.

The State Department declined to comment.

According to The New York Times, this note was addressed through normal diplomatic channels and is not signed by any senior official of the Russian government.

Citing a source close to the matter, the CNN television network indicated that the formal complaint could mean that Moscow is preparing to adopt a more aggressive attitude towards the United States and the OTAN.

Joe Biden gave the green light on Wednesday for massive new military aid to Ukraine with heavier equipment than he had sent so far.

The new US arms deliveries include “very effective equipment that we have already delivered” to Ukrainebut also “new capacities”, among which “artillery systems” and “armored means of transport” stand out, the government specified.



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