Russian fighter planes are said to have flown dangerously low over a Dutch warship in the Black Sea. Russia denies the allegations and shares footage of the incident.

According to the Dutch Ministry of Defense, Russian fighter jets have flown “mock attacks” against a warship in the Black Sea. As the ministry tweeted on Tuesday evening, Russian jets caused a “dangerous situation” with their approaches near the frigate “Zr.MS. Evertsen”. Russia’s Defense Ministry categorically rejected this and released videos from the cockpit of the Russian jets.

The recordings that are supposed to show the incident in the Black Sea can be seen above in the article or here.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, Sukhoi Su-30 and Su-24 fighter jets rose at a safe distance to warn the warship. According to the Dutch, the incident occurred on Thursday last week.

“Evertsen” allegedly on course in Russian territory

According to Moscow, the “Evertsen” was on course for Russian territory. “After the approach of the Russian aircraft, the” Evertsen “immediately changed her course away from the borders of the Russian Federation,” announced the ministry – and published a video. Accordingly, the Dutch ship had set course for Crimea. Russia annexed the peninsula in 2014 against international protests. The international community, on the other hand, continues to see Crimea as Ukrainian territory.

According to the Dutch Ministry of Defense, the frigate sailed in international waters. Defense Minister Ank Bijleveld-Schouten called the Russian actions “irresponsible”. “There is absolutely no justification for this kind of aggressive action, which also increases the risk of accidents.”

According to Dutch information, the Russian fighter planes had flown dangerously low over the warship, and the machines had also carried out mock attacks. After the “hours of intimidation”, the frigate’s electronic equipment was also disrupted.

Just one day before this incident, the Russian Black Sea Fleet reportedly forced a British warship that had come near the Crimea to change course with warning shots and bombs. Russia had called the maneuver a provocation and warned of the dangers of such an approach. The government in London, however, had spoken of a Russian military exercise that was not aimed at the British warship.

Most recently, Russia also called for the Sea Breeze maneuver by Ukraine, the USA and the NATO countries in the Black Sea to be abandoned. The two-week exercise in the Black Sea began on Monday. Russia has sent a submarine into the waters and has completed military tests and training flights.