Russia Convinced: “Nuclear War Cannot Be Won”

In view of the Ukraine war, Russia has again stressed that the nuclear powers should “behave cautiously and responsibly”. “The Russian Federation firmly believes that a nuclear war cannot be won. And it must never be fought,” Deputy Head of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Arms Control Department Igor Vishnevetsky said Tuesday at the UN Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) conference ) in New York according to the text of the speech.

At the same time, Vishnevetsky also said that Russia was exposed to a military campaign in Ukraine “with a slide into a direct armed confrontation between nuclear powers”. At the start of the conference on Monday, Russia was sharply attacked by numerous states because of nuclear threats in the wake of the Ukraine war.

basis for disarmament

The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), which is more than 50 years old and to which 191 countries have joined, forms the basis for nuclear disarmament worldwide. It states that only the US, Russia, China, France and the UK can possess nuclear weapons. The four other suspected nuclear powers India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea have either not joined the treaty or have withdrawn from it. The aim of the treaty is to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons, promote nuclear disarmament and promote the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

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