The star of “Gladiator Russell Crowe has opened up about the guilt he felt when he won an Oscar for his role in the hit 2000 movie.

The actor took home the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role as Maximus Decimus Meridius in the Ridley Scott film, which also won Best Picture.

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“It’s fun because some days it feels so close, and other days it feels like another whole life, “ said to TODAY, revealing that recently he saw the film again in Rome.

“It was a humiliating experience, man, because I am seeing it and it has changed a lot in my life. I got a lot of patting on the back and, you know, I got great prizes and all that, and obviously that took me to a different level for quite some time. ”

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“But I saw that movie, and it’s a director’s movie. It was one of those ‘Why did I get so much attention when the Academy Award really belongs to Ridley Scott?’ ”

In the meantime, Crowe Recently talked about the first script for “Gladiator, admitting it was “very bad”.