Rusherking published a disclaimer after confirming his relationship with La China Suárez

Over the weekend, Rusherking and La China Suárez finished confirming the rumors that indicated a courtship between them.

A few hours after their first images together, the singer got tired and made a forceful discharge on social networks in which he aimed, fundamentally, against haters.

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Who do people think they are to say who can be with whom?”, started Rusherking, who sentenced: “Be happy and stop breaking eggs. Nice to see all my friends happy”.

In the comments, users showed no mercy and continued to make fun of their relationship with La China. “Can you try to be relevant for your work and stop making drama?”, shot a follower, while someone else added: “you turned lukewarm”.

Rusherking’s release. Photo: Twitter

China Suárez broke the silence

Over the weekend, Eugenia also used her Twitter account to target those who question her personal decisions.

The word of China.  Photo: Twitter

The word of China. Photo: Twitter

They live as they want, they are going to break their balls anyway. Happy Sunday”, was the short and clear message of La China Suárez.

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