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Elisabeth Tritremmel

DThe runoff election was repeated today, the SPÖ candidate received 102 votes more than ÖVP candidate Josef Neusteurer.

Rüdiger Knaak, candidate of the SPÖ, was able to assert himself in today’s mayoral runoff election in Forchtenstein. The election had to be repeated due to an election challenge by the SPÖ.

Knaak has a lead of 102 votes. “We warmly congratulate the ‘old’ and new Mayor Rüdiger Knaak and his entire team. It was certainly a nerve-wracking experience to have to stand for election again after the narrow success last year. It is all the more gratifying that the population has once again confirmed the mayor’s vote from last time,” react SPÖ state party chairman state governor Hams Peter Doskozil and state manager Roland Fürst. “Today’s result is an extremely pleasing conclusion to the municipal council and mayoral elections last year, which brought historic success for the SPÖ,” Doskozil continued.

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