Running and training in nature, the alternative to the gym: 5 exercises for the strength of the runner

Try this series of exercises to strengthen core, legs, triceps, biceps using only what nature is able to give you.


Builds more powerful arm action and helps you control your body in falls, a skill that will come in handy when going downhill, landing after a jump or in the event of an accident. Pectorals, upper back, shoulders and core are strengthened.

→ Get in the classic push-up position, but with one hand on the ground and the other on something solid about six inches high. Contracting abdominals and buttocks, hold the position and lower yourself bringing your chest to the ground; then, in a single movement, you “explode” upwards and to one side, reversing your hands, then set off for another push-up. Focus on cushioning the impact and controlling the next push-up movement. Repeat 15 times.


Increases the balance and power of the lower body to give you strength and protect you from injuries. Legs, lower back and core are strengthened.

→ While standing, hold a large stone on your right shoulder. Step forward with your left leg in a lunge, without crossing the toe with the knee. Lower the right knee to the ground and, applying force on the left heel, return to the starting position. Repeat 10 times per leg.


Bridge the gap in strength between the hamstrings or front of the thigh. Running only strengthens your quads, and this imbalance puts your knees at risk and takes away power on the climb. The hamstrings, hip fl exors, core are strengthened.

→ Lie on the ground and, with your legs bent, place one heel on a boulder or stump. Lift the other leg. Working with the hamstrings of the leg resting on the boulder, bring the pelvis upwards. Lower it back, keeping your head, shoulders and hands firmly on the ground. Repeat 15 times per leg.

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Increase arm strength and balance. The triceps, biceps, shoulders and core are strengthened.

→ Place your hands behind you on a solid surface such as a boulder or bench. Keeping her legs straight, she slowly pulls her hips towards the ground and then raises it again. Throughout the movement, force yourself to contract your abs, legs, and buttocks. Do 15 repetitions.


Improve coordination, increase power and accustom the body to impacts to prepare for dirt and falls. Legs, core and shoulders are strengthened.

→ Standing on a heavy stone, with legs apart; With your back straight, your head up and your knees slightly bent, in one motion come down into a squat and grab the stone, then stand up by lifting it. Repeat all 12 times.



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