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I myself have 2 elite series 2 controllers, because I have 2 xboxxes, 1 in the living room, 1 in the bedroom. I can really recommend them! First of all, they are of heavier quality. There’s more weight in it. You just notice when you have them in your hands that you really have something in your hands. Think of it as if you have car keys from a Ford in your hands and then get car keys from, for example, a Lexus, you immediately notice the quality difference.

Second, the triggers allow you to set the distance of how deep you press them. You can adjust the tension on the joysticks. They are very tight on me and not loose. I notice when I play the division for example that I can turn around and shoot faster, etc. With call of duty I set the triggers to short so that I don’t have to press deeply to throw grenades or shoot etc. You can also create multiple game profiles because you can add or remove 4 extra METAL buttons on the bottom of the controller (magnetic) that you can also give separate functions or a button combo. Ideal with dead or alive, mortal kombat or soul calibur etc.

You can change the dpad and everything is magnetic. So no special tools to take them off, just use your fingernail and you’re done. The interchangeable items also don’t just fall off even though it’s magnetic because that was my fear.

I shook it really hard as if it were those maracas (the aeensing test) but they didn’t fall off.

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You adjust the tension of the buttons with a kind of flat drop-like key.

You adjust the trigger distance with 2 sliders at the bottom of the controller (1 slider for the left trigger, and 1 for the right trigger)

The whole controller just breathes quality. You get several joysticks with the purchase, such as with a ball on top instead of a dimple or with extra relief on it etc etc. Usb c cable that is really long. Charging block etc etc with a pouch where everything can go.

Yes they are pricey and no I don’t regret it for a moment! I looked at it at first and thought gosh what a lot of money, but as soon as you have that bad boy in and in your hands you know what the money has been in!

The only drawback I think is that the battery is built-in and you can’t put a battery in it like the normal xbox controller and use a PDP gaming charging station, for example, that’s the only drawback I can think of.

I also have the ps4 pro and that block on it for 2 extra buttons but that remains plastic and only gives you an LCD screen and 2 buttons to set but that’s all. The xbox elite 2 controller is completely different quality and is therefore incomparable.

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