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And if you are considering the S21, you better go for the S22 again, it is only 100 euros on top of that and then you are completely up to date with the latest hardware and features

I think you get the point, there is always a better model to be found if you spend a little more, unless you are already at the absolute top device :P

Incidentally, the normal S21 is not by definition better than the S21FE, the normal one has 8 vs 6GB RAM, but the S21FE has a significantly better battery life and a slightly better camera (according to the review here on the Tweakers. In addition, the support guarantee for the regular S21 is also one year shorter until Feb. 2026, according to the Samsung page. In practice, they may equate it with the FE, but with the latter you have the warranty until 2027.

@Anvulling 19:50, @GekkePrutser:
Now this list is only relevant if you use your phone until the end of support like me and not so much if you pass on/sell it after 2-3 years, but from that perspective the S21FE is just really interesting:
[email protected] euros: €7.94 depreciation per month
[email protected] euros: €9.81 depreciation per month
[email protected] euros: €15 debit per month
S22:@790 euros: €14.11 debit per month

The extra cost over the A52S is quite small and you get quite a bit more phone for your money, the upgrade to an S21 is so uninteresting that an S22 is even better because it is newer and therefore lasts longer.

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