RUMOR on PlayStation: a date for the next event, with announcements for big titles and PSVR 2!

Rumors about the events Sony are going well, this was the case recently with the possible return of the Playstation Experience in a 2021 edition. It is via the tweetrecent s of a certain insider, Roberto Serrano, editor-in-chief at, that a new rumor around an official event resurfaced. As a reminder, he was one of those having predicted lately the Playstation State of Play of July 8, 2021. The next meeting would take place according to this source on August 12. and would be the opportunity to present the next God of War as well as’Horizon Forbidden West, two headlines coming to the console … as well as the PlayStation VR 2.

Rumors about the PSVR 2 are numerous, especially as Sony is not very talkative, we were just able to discover the brand’s future controllers. The press feeds only on “hearsay” and it is clear that the youngest is long overdue. For many, it represents the future of virtual reality, in any case its adoption by a very large audience, that of home console players, like its big brother before it. We were counting on the period of the last E3 for more information, but no announcement has been made. It could be that this time is the right one!

Information to be taken with a grain of salt therefore, because it would not be the first time that such a date would be given without follow-up. However, the source seems credible to us, and in any case, the further we go in time, the more the probability of an official announcement becomes precise.




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