According to a new rumor, Google is preparing Pixel Pass, a monthly subscription that includes various services from the company and a payment for periodically getting a new Pixel phone.

The Pixel Pass is linked to Fi, the name for Google’s virtual provider in the United States, meldt techjournalist M. Brandon Lee. In addition to a Pixel phone, the subscription includes Google One storage, YouTube Premium and bundles from Fi. It is not known what the monthly amount would be, but Lee is betting on around 50 dollars for the phone.

It would be the first time that Google would offer such a subscription. Apple has a program for annual iPhone upgrades, where users hand in the old ones and get a new one. There is also a separate Apple One subscription with a combination of its services. Google has not responded to the rumor.

Google is holding an event next week to reveal all the details of its new hardware. That will happen next Tuesday evening Dutch time. The Pixel phones are usually not released in the Netherlands and Belgium, but are often available through gray imports. The Google phones are also available in France and Germany, among others.

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