“Modified fair play rule” that is accepted by everyone

The CEO therefore spoke in favor of readjusting the financial rules. “When we introduced financial fair play ten years ago, it was said that you shouldn’t spend more money than you earn. That should be brought back into focus. That is why we have to modify financial fair play somewhat,” said the 64 -Year old. His demand is: “We have to find a changed rule that is accepted by everyone. This affects the players, agents and also the clubs. In the end, financial fair play will benefit everyone.”

Still joy for Manchester under Guardiola

Despite the dissatisfaction with the Manchester acquittal, Rummenigge emphasized: “I am happy for my friend Pep Guardiola because I know what it means for him to participate in the Champions League.” His Munich team could face the English at the semi-finals of the Champions League final tournament on August 12th.