Tom Henderson, a insider whose revelations tend to be correct, posted an article discussing the complicated development of Battlefield 2042 on the Intel Gaming site. In contact with developers within Dice, he paints a somewhat confusing picture of the situation. Before you read the rest of the article, it is worth taking a step back: difficult to verify the statements of Tom Henderson and his sources, especially since the author seems to insert his own opinions / theories in his paper . Nevertheless, some details that can be found there are rather interesting.

Reception of the recent Battlefield 2042 Open Beta has been more than mixed. Strewn with bugs, performance issues and, above all, presenting incomplete gameplay compared to previous episodes, it seems to have left a very bad impression on players. A producer of Dice had however swept away the criticisms by indicating that the build was several months old and that the real game had already been corrected on many points. However, two Henderson sources have denied this claim: they said the beta build was in mid-September. It is therefore ultimately not that old, which is rather worrying about the real state of development.

In addition, the sources also indicated many management problems within the studio – some high places coming directly from Battlefront 2, title which had already been the center of a lot of heated discussions. In addition to the concerns of listening within the hierarchy, we learn that the managers, having greatly appreciated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019), pushed the studio to be inspired by it for Battlefield 2042. This is why the system BF’s usual class of classes has been replaced by Specialists, kinds of “heroes” each with a different background and abilities. Another way to promote monetization is to push players to checkout to play dolls. We can also read in the article that employees of Dice are already in talks with other studios, which suggests a near upheaval within the staff of the company.

Let’s take advantage of this article to ask yourself the fateful question: