Rum and tobacco confiscated from Cuban travelers in Miami

Mami’s Customs confiscates rum and tobacco from Cuban travelers who import products from the Island to the United States. Why does this happen?

In September 2020, Donald Trump prohibited US citizens from importing rum or cigars from Cuba, as well as from staying in hotels owned by the Cuban government.

“We will further restrict the importation of Cuban alcohol and tobacco,” he said at the time at an event at the White House.

Despite the fact that it will soon be two years since the measure was implemented, Cuban-Americans denounce that Miami Customs is confiscating more frequently the cigars and rums brought by travelers.

According to a report from Telemundo 51, a passenger from Cuba told them that this time his return was different when going through Customs. “My ‘nailito’ with my two little bottles and the cigarettes, the whole bag of duty free He went there.”

A little over a month ago he had traveled to the Island and had not had any problems.

Rum and tobacco confiscated from Cuban travelers in the US

The United States Customs and Border Protection agent, Alexis Morante, explained to the media that “since September 24, 2020, passengers entering the United States are no longer allowed to bring alcohol and tobacco from Cuba, and that it be from Cuban origin.

When asked if it has been put into practice since then, Morante assures that it has not been stopped.

“Simply, there were fewer passengers coming and going from Cuba, either due to restrictions until the pandemic itself,” he told the aforementioned media outlet.

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For its part, from the travel agency “Café Travel” in Miami they point out that many travelers have already put them on notice:

“Some clients have already let us know that these products have been seized and we recommend those who travel from Miami to Cuba and then return to the United States to avoid bringing these products, because the law is being applied as it is.”

Customs confirms this: they will have to comply with what is established or their products will be confiscated.

Until that Trump provision, Cubans could take duty-free to the United States “up to 100 cigars or four boxes and two bottles of liquor.”

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