Rémi Lamerat (33) is most likely playing his very last season. Tuesday, the international center of Bordeaux-Bègles crowned three times champion of France during his career announced on the waves of France Bleu Gironde that there was a good chance that he bowed out at the end of the current exercise. .

Rémi Lamerat (33), it’s almost the end. The international center of the Bordeaux-Bègles club should bow out at the end of the season. On the waves of France Blue Gironde, the player selected 19 times under the colors of the XV of France announced that there was a good chance that he would hang up at the end of the current exercise. “I think at the end of the season it will be curtain for me,” Lamerat said, leaving no real room for the possibility that he still decides to pursue his career for at least another year. “It would really take a miracle or all the planets to be aligned so that, and the club and myself, we want to extend a little more”, insisted the native of Sainte-Foy-la-Grande, without hiding that his decision to turn his back on fifteen years as a professional, he took it a while ago. “I didn’t want to talk about it too much before. An injury can happen quickly and I would have been frustrated to stop with a lack of emotion, “said the man who made his debut in Toulouse before heading to Castres, passing through Clermont and landing at the ‘UBB, in 2019, which will therefore be his last club.

Three titles of champion of France and one of champion of Europe

If he has not yet managed to swell his magnificent record since his arrival in Gironde (he can still do so this year, for his farewell), Lamerat can however boast of having won three French championship titles, in Toulouse (2011), Castres (2013) and Clermont (2017). During his time in Auvergne, the French international had also won his only European title so far, in Challenge (2019). The original Girondin who has already started a retraining project, as a winemaker, has played 8 games this season, including 5 as a starter. He scored two tries. “At a certain age, we have things on the side, a double project, the family which also takes a lot of time and energy. Lamerat will very quickly be able to devote himself to it.

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