Rufus can now automatically create a local Windows 11 account for you

Rufus now has an option for automatic Windows account creation. If you install Windows with a USB stick made in Rufus, it is immediately provided with a local account.

There are (still) some restrictions: the account gets the same name and region settings as the account on which the USB stick is made, with an empty password. At the first login you will be asked to set a new password.

Rufus, meanwhile, already offers many advantages over Microsoft’s own Media Creation Tool, especially for creating Windows 11 installation USBs. An option to bypass the Microsoft account requirement was recently added, as was the ability to automatically answer all those annoying data collection questions with “Do not allow”. Rufus has also long been known as the tool to get past Windows 11’s rpm requirements.

It is not entirely clear from the changelog for which versions of Windows the automatic account creation is intended. We assume that Windows 10 and 11 are supported anyway. When using a Windows 11 ISO, the option will appear in any case, although you must first press “Start”.

The new Windows 11 options in Rufus


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