RUAC. So you can register your pet in the CDMX

Currently the dogs, cats or any pet have acquired greater importance in the family nuclei of the capital, that is why the Government of Mexico City created the Unique Registry of Companion Animals RUAC.

What is the Unique Registry of Companion Animals (RUAC)?

The Unique Registry of Companion Animals (RUAC) is a free procedure in which the identification data of the natural or legal persons who have a companion animal are entered.

The aim is to support issues such as legal recognition, help in case of loss, accidents, mistreatment and cruelty, as well as vaccination campaigns.

How and where to get the RUAC (CURP) for pets?

You can generate the RUAC through this page: and you will have to follow the following steps.

What is the registration process?

Registrar your data through the platform.
generate a unique key for each pet.
Consult and modify the data on the same platform.

How much does the CDMX process cost?

The Unique Registry of Companion Animals (RUAC) is a free procedure.

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