RPL transfers, winter 2022, will Azmun leave Zenit for Lyon or Juventus, who will replace him, what they say about the transition

The story of the possible transfer of Zenit striker Serdar Azmun to Lyon already resembles an endless series. Rumors of the player’s departure from Russia have regularly appeared over the past months, but the deal is still pending. Now hardly anyone can say for sure whether we will see a player in the second part of the RPL season.

How Azmun reacted to information about a possible transition

Back in December, the French edition L’Equipe reported that the Iranian player had agreed on a contract with Lyon. According to the source, Azmun met with representatives of the French club several times. Lyon planned to buy Serdar as soon as possible as some of the attacking teams left for the African Cup.

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

In early January, the footballer himself denied information about the imminent transfer to Lyon. He called such rumors fake news.

“I read in the newspapers that I have already agreed with a certain club about the transition, but I want to say that this is fake news. There was also false information that my mother was looking for a house for me in France, although she was in Iran at that time, ”the Iranian told Mehr News.

Azmun lives with his parents and still has to go to the army.  Unknown facts about the RPL player of the year
Azmun lives with his parents and still has to go to the army. Unknown facts about the RPL player of the year

How much does Zenit want to receive for a player?

Later, L’Equipe said that the parties could not agree on the financial terms of the transfer. Lyon offered € 3 million for the striker, which does not suit the management of Zenit. According to the source, at first the Russian champion wanted to bail out twice as much for a football player, and now – one and a half. In six months, Azmun will become a free agent, so Lyon are in no hurry with a new offer. Zenit, in turn, understands that the current window is the last chance to get money for the player. Later, journalist Hugo Guillem said that Lyon still offered € 6 million for the player.

According to our information, the sports director of the French club Juninho Pernambucano personally watched about 60 matches with Azmun’s participation.

What they say at Zenit and Lyon about a possible transfer

It is not yet known how this whole story will end, but Lyon head coach Peter Bosch is counting on Azmun’s transfer. Earlier, the specialist said that he lacks the players for the depth of the squad.

“I hope the transfer will take place. We don’t know for sure. It does not depend on me, “- quotes the words of Bosch Footmercato.

Peter Bosch

Peter Bosch

Фото: Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

But the general director of “Zenith” Alexander Medvedev said that Azmun will not go anywhere if the club does not find a worthy replacement.

“Without the possibility of replacing Azmun with a player with a level at least not lower than he will not go anywhere in the winter window,” Medvedev told SE.

5 forwards who can replace Azmun at Zenit
5 forwards who can replace Azmun at Zenit

Will Juventus intercept Azmun from Lyon?

Just the other day it became known that Juventus had joined the fight for the footballer. This was announced by the authoritative Italian journalist Gianluca Di Marzio. The Turin club is urgently looking for a new striker as Federico Chiesa was seriously injured. At the same time, Juve’s head coach Massimiliano Allegri appreciates Azmun’s skill and is personally interested in his transition. Tuttojuve reported that Zenit asked Turin for € 20 million, although it looks more like a fake. No one in their right mind would pay that kind of money for a football player who becomes a free agent in the summer. Sky Sport Italia claims that Azmun is the priority option for Juventus.

And here is what Sportitalia journalist Gianluigi Longari thinks about this.

“In the situation with Azmun, it must be borne in mind that Zenit is not the club that will profit from the transfer at any cost. Juventus will have to make an effort, because if the offer does not satisfy Zenit, the St. Petersburg club can wait until the end of the season and start from scratch, “Longari quoted TuttoJuve as saying.

The main tasks for the winter 2022. “Zenith”

Who will Zenit replace Azmun if they sell him in winter?

Zenit has already announced the transfer of Ivan Sergeev from Wings of the Soviets. However, Sergeev’s transfer can be seen as a replacement for Artyom Dzyuba. As for other options, Zenit is looking for options abroad.

The champion of Russia is interested in the top scorer of the League of Conferences Arthur Cabral from Basel. The player’s agent confirmed his interest in the player a few weeks ago. The second candidate was the forward of Internacional Juri Alberto, but later it became known that he did not want to move to Zenit (this was reported by UOL).

Another option is Flamengo striker Gabriel Barbosa. This was announced on Twitter by the journalist Darmesh Sheth. However, several clubs from England, including West Ham, are also claiming the player. Apparently, each of the named candidates will cost the Russian club more than € 10 million. In this regard, one can understand Zenit, which is trying to knock out from Lyon as much money as possible for Azmun.



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