Royal Family didn’t want Elton John to sing at Lady Di’s funeral ceremony

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Elton John performed a modified lyrics from “Candle in the Wind” at the funeral of Lady Di, being one of the most remembered moments in history, since it was transmitted to the whole world. But the Royal Family could have said no and prevented this song.

In a series of documents revealed by the site SkyNews, and that were replicated by TMZ, from Buckingham Palace they did not want the artist to sing this new version, as they found it “too sentimental” for the funeral service, which they wanted to keep as solemn as possible.

Furthermore, he points out that lThe idea was firm until there was a message from the Dean of Westminster, who through a letter, asked Buckingham Palace to reverse this decision, since It would be a show of generosity that he needed to give in the middle of this period of crisis.

It should be remembered that Lady Di died in 1997, while the wounds of her divorce from Prince Charles were still open, so public opinion about the Royal Family was quite negative.

For the same reason, to improve their public image they decided to step aside and leave Elton John perform his song, which ended up being the most memorable moment of the ceremony in honor of Lady Di.

Check out Elton John’s moment at Lady Di’s funeral at THIS LINK


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