An authoritative voice in the history of Manches United as Roy Keane believes that United should change from number 1

LONDON – Roy Keane, a former Manchester United player, asked the English club to sign a better goalkeeper than Spain’s David De Gea if he wants to compete to win the next Premier League.

Keane, who admitted he is not a big fan of the Spanish goalkeeper, noted that David De Gea He makes “many mistakes, too many mistakes” and it has cost him “many points to the team”.

“Forwards are thrown out or sold, the same with midfielders, but for some reason they think you have to persist with goalkeepers more than with others, for what they did two or three years ago,” Keane said in Sky Sports.

With the match against him Leicester in which United confirmed its presence in the next Champions League, De Gea surpassed the 112 goals to zero of a legend of the Manchester United how Peter Schmeichel. In addition, the Spanish goalkeeper finished the season as third classified in the Golden Glove of the Premier League.

Among the rumors to reach the goal of United, the name that sounds the most is that of English Dean Henderson, who militates in the Sheffield United.

Henderson left the United youth academy and had to leave to look for minutes, because at that time the place of David De Gea was more than insured.

Dean received 33 goals in 36 games in his debut campaign in the Premier League and he has managed to leave his goal at zero 13 times at Sheffield.

The substitute goalkeeper, the Argentine Sergio Romero He could also abandon the Reds Devils, the offers would not be lacking and there are already a couple of teams interested in it. Premier League. It is said in the English press that until Leeds United of Marcelo Bielsa, team that has just ascended, could be your destiny.