Roxanne from B&B Full Love gives health update

“It is also bizarre how many reactions I have received from people about this, people are so grateful that I have told about an ‘invisible’ disease. That I never expected,” says Roxanne, who is also very candid about her health on social media. And as for her illness: “I don’t know how it will turn out. I hope I can live with it as long as possible.”

The entrepreneur also looks back during the conversation B&B Full of Love, which she calls an ‘instructive adventure’. “I had put myself in front of the block, I realized during the recordings. I am not a good dater, I almost never went on a second date because I then no longer had the sense or time. The men came to me and I immediately saw: this are not my types.”

She also encountered herself during the recordings. Roxanne says: “It was really not them, but me. I closed myself off, also because my previous relationship did not end so well. But that closing was not possible. I had to open up now and give them a fair chance. , because they would be there for a few days. A good lesson for me.”

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