Municipalities, the safety region and the GGD in the Rotterdam-Rijnmond region are currently discussing measures to curb the increase in the number of corona infections.

The number of new patients in the region has increased in recent days. 64 new cases were added on Sunday.

In Rotterdam-Rijnmond, 4.8 people per 100,000 inhabitants have been tested positive. This makes the region the largest source of contamination, according to regional comparisons.

“We are now looking into the possibilities within existing emergency regulations to stop the spread of corona,” a spokesman for the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Safety Region told Rijnmond.

Stay away from the crowds, pay attention when you work together and do not come together in large groups, for example in a family context, is the advice. It does not stop there, says the spokesman for the Security Region: “We may also be closing additional locations.”

Mayor Aboutaleb is in discussion with the Cabinet and the other security regions about the possibility of taking additional measures. “But we shouldn’t be running too fast,” he says. “We are discussing with the aim of getting out together.” It is not yet an issue that Rotterdam itself is introducing a mouth mask obligation, because the mayor is not authorized to do so.


The increase in the number of corona infections is difficult to explain, says Aboutaleb. “I have a feeling it is because we are slacking. The extent to which measures are being met is decreasing.”

Among the infections are relatively many students, and there are also clusters in the Moroccan community, industry and people returning from vacation.

The ten to twenty students who are infected really stand out, says a spokesperson for GGD Rotterdam-Rijnmond. “And these students have many different contacts, they go to drinks and parties. As a result, the source and contact research takes a lot of time. It could be that many more students are infected.”

Tomorrow, Mayor Aboutaleb will convene the presidents of all student associations to discuss compliance with the corona rules in the run-up to Eureka, the introduction week of Erasmus University Rotterdam. “Eureka is now planned, I see no reason to cancel it now, but if party infestations increase, it could be a consequence.”

For Muslims, Aboutaleb is launching a campaign today to warn them ahead of the Feast of Sacrifice, which is traditionally celebrated in family circles.

“Do not go to the mosque to pray, do not go to others’ homes and do not invite anyone,” says the mayor of Rotterdam. “I know it’s strict, but this is the only way.”