Rotaru spat in the face of Russian listeners

The unfortunate truth about the act of the singer was revealed.

Sofia Rotaru for a long time hid from the fans an act that betrayed her true attitude towards Russia. The artist was in no hurry to make public her decision, which could affect her popularity, because Russian listeners provided Rotar with fabulous fees. But now it has become clear that the star has long decided on its position.

Throughout 2021, the popular performer gave several concerts in Russia and even took part in the New Wave festival. Rotaru did not disdain earning money in the country and regularly came to delight Russian viewers with her vocals. It’s no secret that for one performance, a native of Ukraine demanded from 35 to 70 thousand euros.

However, now the future tour of the famous farmer is in question. At home, she is being poured with mud for her silence regarding the political situation, and in Russia now the singer will certainly not be welcome. Attitude towards her may deteriorate significantly after the publication of the act of the 74-year-old performer.

“Sofia Mikhailovna remains on the side she chose when she renounced Russian citizenship,” Rotaru concert director Leonid Dzyunik told – At least she does not pour dirt on the country, like Danilko and other artists. She lives in America, but continues to be a citizen of Ukraine. For those who grew up in the Soviet Union, she remains Rotaru, who sang “I, you, he, she! Together – a whole country.”

Photo source: Legion-Media

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Author: Elizaveta Didenko



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